How Much is Your Website Worth?

Ever wondered what is your website is worth?

Wonder no more, in this roundup you will find website value calculator that will help you estimate the dollar value of any site by just entering the site’s URL.

The methods of calculating the value of a website in general rely on a number of factors. Naturally, each of the tools uses its own calculation methods. Overall, those are some of the common factors used in the estimation/evaluation process:

  • Google Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Backlinks
  • Social Metrics
  • Bookmarking

A word of caution to web developers; don’t get excited and expect any of the big guys come knocking on your door offering to acquire your site based on the dollar value estimated by the listed tools. The figures are just estimations, and personally, I just consider it a fun way to cheer me up after a hard day of coding, at least I see that my work is worth something (dollar value I mean).

Want to try:

  1. Singlefunction
  2. WebsiteValued
  3. Stimator
  4. WhoIsRanking
  5. Website Grader
  6. SERPrush
  7. SEOrush
  8. SiteMention
  9. WhoBuilt
  10. Webslug
  11. WebWait
  12. ExamineURL
  13. W3 Blog

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